Understanding Women in Relationships: 
A Workshop for Men

Women can be confusing and frustrating for men, whether in a marriage or in a dating relationship. And, having a healthy, close relationship where both the man and woman can feel comfortable and safe is a most desirable outcome.

But, what happens when so much effort is placed to please someone and sustain a relationship with her, yet have efforts fail. There have been books and discussions in many women's magazines and T.V. shows for women to learn about men. A few new articles and books discuss the difference between the sexes, but few men take the time to read nor do they have a forum to discuss or learn from men the problems and issues other men have too

In a workshop presented for men by men Understanding Women in RelationshipsRalph Caraffa, Ph.D and Chris Frey M.S.W. present men with the opportunity to learn, discuss, and share experiences. Ralph and Chris have helped men and women in relationships understand and solve the problems that they've struggled with. This has meant spending time understanding how we work in relationships, the differences, the important matters that we want the other to know, the difficulties explaining ourselves to each other.

This workshop will help with understanding some of the simple and complex differences between the worlds of men and women. Issues of communication, styles of talking and listening, styles of dealing with conflict, differences in sexual expectations, ideas of affection, issues of control, and others

Can men discuss women without women? Can men actually understand women? Do men think about what is going on with a friend or mate, what she means when she says what she says? Yes. Even if we don't have the conversations, the deep conversations-not the ones at the bar, on the job, at the game-we have them in our head. This is a time to hear out loud what others think and feel. Join other men for this special opportunity.


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Understanding Women In Relationships: A Workshop for Men

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