Aviation Services

Pilot Assessment

When the FAA refers a pilot for psychological testing, one or more of the following types of assessment are used to address the issues at hand. These major areas of assessment include:

Neuropsychological Assessment: This includes the domains of memory, attention, and intelligence. In addition to other instruments, the CogScreen is central to the evaluation. 

Psychological and Personality Assessment: Typical assessment seeks to determine the presence and severity of symptoms of psychological distress, as well as to understand personality traits as they are relevant to the demands of pilots. 

Drug and Alcohol Assessment: Typical assessment combines structured interviews and questionnaire data. 

Other Pilot Services
Stress Management Coaching: Stress Management classes and individual coaching are designed to assist pilots with the following:

1) identifying stressors

2) pinpointing specific tools to manage stress

3) implementing the tools within the context of the pilot's duties

Psychotherapy for Pilots: Individual, marital, and family therapy are offered by psychologists who understand the unique stressors faced by pilots. 

Please visit our Aviation Services website at http://www.aviapsych.com for more information.

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