An Introduction to Men's Work in the 21st Century

Many men are struggling including many of us who seem normal and seem to be doing just fine, we are confused by society's mixed messages about what is expected of us as men feeling a disconnection from others that we cannot truly describe. We are asked to be tough and competitive in the workplace, but be more sensitive and emotionally present in relationships. Make more money, but spend more time with your children. Make sure to take care of others; make sure to take care of yourself. So what does it mean to be a healthy man's father, husband, friend 

Men are doing things about this question. More so in the past 15 years men have been gathering together to educate ourselves, support one another through difficult times, and appreciate our lives as men.

Ralph Caraffa, Ph.D and Chris Frey, M.S.W. have invested personal and professional time and energy to fostering healthy masculinity. Every one of us contains a rich tapestry of experiences and dreams that often become muddy and compromised as we proceed deeper into our lives and into the world.

An Introduction to Men's Work is an exposure to contemporary ideas and processes used for bringing men a greater sense of clarity and purpose in our lives.

Join other interested men as we explore our potential through mens’ work.


An Introduction to Men's Work in the 21st Century

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