Psychological assessment emphasizes the use of systematic measurement techniques to evaluate work-related capabilities, skills, and attitudes. In making decisions regarding hiring, developing, or promoting individuals, supervisors and human resource professionals are called upon to make judgements based on a solid base of data. We specialize in preparing organizations to meet the challenges of today's corporate environment.
Overall, most clients report that the principal benefit from the evaluation procedure is a partnership that develops between them and the psychologist with whom they work. They are also able to gain, from the psychologist, knowledge about their organization.


  • Information from assessment can be used for team building, leadership, and other training programs
  • Develops programs that incorporate a comprehensive evaluation process which results in greater thoroughness and consistency in opportunities offered to staff at various levels
  • Planning and strategic thinking of the organization is incorporated into recruitment and hiring
  • Plans for the future can be based on solid assessment
  • Provides a straight-forward and affirmative path to self-understanding
  • Builds understanding of organizational norms and culture
  • 360 feedback can be utilized for management development
  • Clarifies the fit between a person and a job
  • Improves motivation and commitment
  • Reduces turnover in your company
  • Provides feedback to managers
  • Is guided by ethical principles
  • Strengthens work force


  • Individualized Developmental Program for Managers
  • Evaluation of Performance Problems
  • Retirement-Leisure Assessment
  • Outplacement Assessment 
  • Promotion Evaluation 
  • Career Development 
  • Process Consultation 
  • Corporate Surveys
  • Pre-hire Screening

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