Mothers, Sons and the Modern World: 
A Workshop for Moms

The challenges for loving mothers have magnified dramatically in the past forty years: two career families, single parenting, step parenting. Raising a healthy, responsible son in the modern world can be a daunting task.

Many of you are looking for specific answers to specific questions about the unique needs of your boys. You have been bombarded with information fro schools, the media and psychology about discipline, nurturing, communication, sexuality, peer influence, fathers and more. Yet, in a world full of experts, no one has truly gone to the source; no one has spoken from the perspective of the boys themselves.

In the workshop, Mothers, Sons and the Modern World, Chris Frey, MSW and Ralph Caraffa Ph.D. do exactly that: offering moms a picture of life as seen through the eyes of your sons, With decades of experience in counseling boys and men, and more than a few years as sons themselves, Ralph and Chris have done their homework form the inside of the mother-son relationship.

Using their distinctive blend of professional expertise and personal understanding, Ralph and Chris provide an inventive, hands-on workshop experience. Our day begins with 7 Qualities of Exceptional Communication, a guide for you in the fine art of building and maintaining a strong, real life conversation with your son from toddlerhood to adulthood.

From this foundation we will move to Memos to Mom, the essential messages that your sons want you to have about their lives. We will leave no stone unturned in our discussion of affection, healthy masculinity, bullies, anger, sexuality, substance use, dads and more. Using information, discussion, video and small group participation, each Memo will be to the point and practical.

Join us as we talk, listen, learn and, even laugh a little.


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