Judith A. Tindall, Ph.D.,                                 Clinical Psychologist , MO and IL                                 Licensed Psychologist, MBTI®                                 Master Practitioner, HIMS Trained,                                 NAPPP Trainer/Consultant, CPPE
                                      As president, staff psychologist, and consultant                                       at Psychological Network in St. Charles, MO,                                       Dr. Tindall provides counseling, evaluation,                                       consulting, develops curriculum, consultation, designs programs, trains youth and adults, develops evaluation design and evaluates programs. Her services encompass a full array of psychological services. She is an MBTI® Master Practitioner, HIMS Trained Aviation Evaluator, and Registered Custody Evaluator. She has been in private practice since the late 1970s.  

She has written the following books: Evaluation of Peer and Prevention Peer Program: A Blueprint for Success; An In-Depth Look at Peer Programs, Second Edition; Peer Power, Book 1: Becoming an Effective Peer Helper and Conflict Mediator, Fourth Edition; Peer Power, Book 2: Applying Peer Helping Skills, Third Edition; Peers Helping Peers: Program for the Preadolescent and Leader’s Manual; 3R’s of Feeling: Receiving, Reflecting, and Responding. She has written articles that appeared in the St. Louis Business Journal, St. Charles Business Magazine, and Mediate.com. She has conducted two webinars on Peer to Peer Strategies for Bullying Prevention/Intervention and Peer to Peer Strategies for Suicide Prevention. She has appeared on radio and television including Good Morning America. She was an invited participant to the White House Conference on working with Youth and was invited to participate in the Bullying Summit in Washington, D.C., supported by nine federal agencies. She has also attended the Global Youth Traffic Safety Launch. 

She spends part of her time providing direct service through counseling, evaluation, and forensic evaluation to individuals and families in the St. Charles Community. She has assisted organizations on a wide variety of topics including peer to peer programs, crisis management, team building, conflict management, highway traffic safety, strategic planning, community building, leadership development, communication skills, stress management, violence prevention, bullying prevention, sexual harassment, diversity, Wellness in the Workplace and MBTI®. She has conducted evaluation for individuals and organizations. She has trained locally, nationally, and internationally and has conducted “trainer of trainers” programs. 

She assisted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in evaluating three projects, the Future Farmers of America (FFA) in creating a national evaluation model and needs assessment for their programs, and NAPPP Programmatic Standards Rubric. She has helped to develop the Zero Tolerance for Underage Drinking and Driving, seat belt use, distracted driving curriculum for NAPPP which has been delivered to the City of St. Charles School District and KCMOSD. She has assisted KCMOSD deliver two “Youth Saving Youth” projects regarding underage drinking and driving lessons to youth. She has led her group in providing mental health services to St. Louis Job Corps for over 15 years where she worked with the Peer Mentor/Mediation program. She has worked with the United Nations on developing, implementing, and evaluating a Staff Outreach Support (SOS) program and other crisis training and web-site materials. She assisted South Korea in expanding and enhancing their 5,000 peer counseling programs. She has conducted program evaluation on a variety of training programs for youth for several school districts such as Cecil County MD, Baldwin County AL, and Broward County FL, in enhancing their peer counseling programs.

Dr. Tindall received her B.S.from Southwest Missouri State University in speech and political science. Her Masters degree is in counseling and guidance from the University of Missouri. She has a specialist degree in counseling and guidance from Southern Illinois University, and her Ph.D. from St. Louis University. She holds certificates from the National Board of Certified Counselors and the National Certified School Psychologist Board. She has her lifetime teaching and counseling certificate and counseling from the Missouri Board of Education. She was a school counselor and teacher for 17 years. 

​                                    Ralph Caraffa, Ph.D., Clinical                                           Psychologist has been in private practice for                                     over 35 years. In addition to serving on various                                     community boards, he has provided community                                     training and education for school districts,                                     courts, universities, and private institutions. His                                     service has included clinical and executive                                     leadership of psychiatric hospitals, psychologist                                     for local public school districts, and consultation                                     to public and private organizations in the areas of leadership development, personal development, program trouble shooting, and development. He has worked extensively with men: men’s problems and men’s development. He has a large variety of skills and experience in the areas of marriage therapy and sex therapy. He is trained and where required is certified in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (for trauma), Prolonged Exposure Therapy (for trauma), Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Psychoanalytic Therapy techniques, Play Therapy for children, group therapy, Psychoeducation techniques and evaluation, Behavior Modification, Systems Analysis interventions including Family Therapy and school system problem solving interventions. He has testified for St. Charles and St. Louis City and County Courts in the areas of Child Custody, Fitness for duty, U.S. Immigration and Forensic problems. He has extensive experience with at-risk populations and has consulted with St. Louis Job Corps for over fifteen years. He has spoken or lectured for many local community agencies and schools including Washington University, Webster University, and University of Missouri – St. Louis.

​                                   Linda Sharpe-Taylor, Ph.D., 
                             Clinical Psychologist 

                                   Dr. Linda Sharpe-Taylor has been in private                                    practice for 15 years. She                                    received her undergraduate education at Case                                    Western Reserve University and her doctorate                                    from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She                                    has received post doctoral training in family                                    therapy and systemic approaches to community problems. Included in her background is experience with evidence-based treatment of trauma survivors using Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapy. She has expertise in working with families experiencing legal battles regarding custody and visitation. Dr. Sharpe-Taylor serves as a consultant to government agencies, community-based prevention programs and services. She has developed programs and services that address a variety of issues that include adolescent wellness, school violence, gender-specific programming, community building and risk reduction. She has worked in public and private agencies in the greater St. Louis Region. Courts, community-based agencies, and religiously affiliated groups have sought Dr. Sharpe-Taylor's expertise and guidance. Always interested in new opportunities to grow, Dr. Sharpe-Taylor has added to her skills with the addition of Appreciative Inquiry, a method of transformative change for all types of businesses and organizations. 

​                                    Rob Cracchiola, LPC 

                                    Mr. Cracchiola received his Masters in                                     Psychology from Southern Illinois University in                                     Edwardsville and is practicing as a Licensed                                     Professional Counselor. He works with clients of                                     all ages with developmental disabilities. He has                                     served as a member and President of St. Charles                                     Coalition of Service Providers, a network of                                     agencies that promote improved services for individuals with developmental disabilities. He has worked with school districts to assist in early childhood special education programs.

                             Margaret Wehrenberg, Psy.D., is a                                              licensed psychologist in the states of Missouri                                          and Illinois. She provides psychotherapy services                                    for children, adolescents and adults with anxiety                                    or depression. Margaret is trained in Eye                                    Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing                                    (EMDR) and Thought Field Therapy (TFT), the                                    precursor to Emotional Freedom Technique,                                    among other specialized techniques. She is                                    qualified to do psychological testing. She has been in private  psychological practice in Illinois and Missouri since 1992. 

Dr. Wehrenberg is the author of 7 books on the treatment of anxiety and depression, including her hallmarks, The 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques book and workbook and The 10 Best-EverDepression Management Techniques. Wehrenberg also is a frequent contributor of articles to the award-winning Psychotherapy Networker Magazine and she blogs on depression for Psychology Today. 

As an international trainer of mental health professionals, Margaret travels widely across the United States and Canada, teaching skills for treating anxiety and depression and she has produced seminars on trauma treatment, personality disorder treatment and other topics. Many of her seminars are available on DVD and audio recordings.

Her background also includes certification as an addictions counselor, working for the US Army in Germany and for Lutheran Social Services in Illinois. She received a Masters degree from Lindenwood University in psychological counseling and a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. 

​                                   James R.W. Linsin, Psy.D. - Clinical                                  Psychologist

                                   Dr. Linsin, a licensed Psychologist in both                                                Missouri and Illinois, has been in professional                                        practice for over 19 years. Much of his work has                                      been in university, high school, and elementary                                        school settings, where he has provided individual                                    counseling, consultation, outreach presentations,                                      and educational programs on a variety of topics. 
                                   His presentation topics have included sexual assault prevention, relaxation/stress management, resilience, being an LGBT ally, suicide prevention, mental health awareness, and effective communication. He provides psychotherapy for adolescents and adults dealing with depression, anxiety, grief, identity issues, and navigating life’s transitions. Dr. Linsin has been practicing mindfulness meditation and yoga for many years and incorporates mindfulness-based approaches in his clinical work. He served as the Coordinator for the Safe Zone (LGBTQ/ally) program at the University of Missouri—St. Louis and enjoys working with LGBT-identified individuals and those who are questioning their sexual orientation. He also serves as consultant to a local social justice-focused theatre company and has co-coordinated a group that uses interactive theatre for outreach and education.

Dr. Linsin earned a B.A. in Philosophy from the College of William & Mary and a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Wright State University School of Professional Psychology.  

                             Mikah Salonies, LPC

​                                   Mikah is a Licensed Professional Counselor and                                    received her Certification in Guidance                                    Counseling for grades Kindergarten through 12.                                    As an experienced Therapist, Mikah has assisted                                    children, adolescents and adults overcome issues                                    such as depression, anxiety, trauma, substance                                    abuse and grief. Mikah has provided therapy in  rural, suburban and urban environments in locations such as homes, offices, schools and Residential settings. Throughout her extensive therapeutic career, Mikah has facilitated therapy for Individuals, Groups, Couples, Families.  

As a part of the PNI team, Mikah provides an expertise in Child and Adolescent Psychology. Mikah has excelled in understanding the various ways that mental health can impact a child and how this often causes a ripple effect into the home, school and community. Mikah has the ability to educate parents on how to advocate for the appropriate supports for their child’s specific needs within each setting. Due to the pressures that parenting and life can present, Mikah is also able to utilize her training in Thrivesphere and Core Communications to assist couples in improving their relationship through communication. Humans and their experiences are so unique, Mikah does not rely on a single approach in her practice. Activities that incorporate art, music, guided imagery, play, role playing as well as other techniques gathered from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reality Therapy, Systems Theory, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy. The interests and strengths of the client will be met with various modalities of therapy to create an atmosphere of comfort and support as soon as possible. Only after this is in place does the most productive therapeutic work begin. Mikah encourages and teaches her client to overcome various barriers to becoming their ideal self.  

Mikah pursued the opportunity to supervise Licensure for LPCs as a way to encourage other professionals while assisting them in offering quality care. Additionally, Mikah is a consultant for Not for Profit and Educational settings. Mikah’s training and experience in processes such as Quality Assurance, Accreditation, Program Management and Grant Writing paired with experience in roles in these settings create effective and efficient outcomes. 

Mikah received her Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, a Masters Degree in Counseling from Webster University and a Certification in K-12 Guidance Counseling from Lindenwood University. She is married with two very busy children and two equally active dogs. Mikah is an active member of her local church community and enjoys doing art, cooking, traveling and spending time with family to relax.  

Treatment for difficulties and deficits with:

Executive Functioning Skills
Time Management Skills
Social Skills
Emotional Regulation
Anger Management
Coping Skills
Self Esteem 
Adjustment to new situations
Academic progress
Controlling behavioral impulses
Prior abuse and neglect
Parenting Methods
Family Communication
Separation and Divorce
Request and Advocacy for Student supports in the school setting
Life Coaching 

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