Strategies for the Professional                                     Leader: Applying Peer Helping Skills-
                                    Third Edition 

                                    by Dr. Judith A. Tindall Ph.D.

                                    The Professional Strategies book provides the                                     program/leader/facilitator with clear and easy to                                     follow guidelines for implementing the peer                                     power program. After an overview of the peer                                     program philosophy, training structure, and goals, the leaders guide proceeds through the thirteen Modules that are found in the student workbook. For each exercise in the student workbook, this leaders guide provides instructions for introducing and implementing the exercise, time and materials requirements, description of it's purpose and goal, and application assignments. Equipped with the professional strategies book, the program leader (Teacher, school counselor, juvenile center officer, mental health professional, and human resource professional) can quickly and confidently work through the Peer Power curriculum



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