8 Pilot Egyptian Technical High Schools through NAPPP Training and supported by Workforce Improvement and Skill Enhancement (WISE) launched Peer Helping in Egypt. The project was funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and managed by Management Training Corporation (MTC). 30 Career Guidance Facilitators and 10 Observers were trained by NAPPP: “Establish A Peer Helping Program” and “Become a Trainer of Peer Helpers” as well as student training: Students Helping Students, Peer Mediation, 
Peer Tutoring, Peer Ambassador and Career Guidance Assistance

                                        Mindfulness Meditation Group

                                        Dr. Tindall presents at the 2016 Community                                         Summit in Saint Charles

                                  Dr. Judith Tindall and Dr. Melissa                                   Kinser attending the Aviation                                   Neuropsychology Conference in Denver,                                   Colorado, September, 2015.

                                             Dr. Judith Tindall (left) and Dr. Melissa                                              Kinser attending the HIMS annual                                                          meeting in Denver, Colorado, September,                                              2015.


                                              Dr. Linda Sharpe-Taylor (left), 
                                              Dr. Melissa Kinser (center), 
                                              Dr. Judy Tindall (right), & Dr. 
                                              Kevin Miller attending the HIMS                                               annual meeting in Denver, Colorado,                                               September, 2014.


                                              Drs. Judith Tindall (right) and Melissa                                               Kinser (left), attended the annual                                               conference of the 
Civil Aviation Medical                                               Association (CAMA), in Tucson AZ. This                                               year's conference focused on cognitive                                               performance and a assessment in aviation.                                               Dr. Tindall and Dr. Kinser had the unique                                               experience of attending lectures given by
national leaders in neuropsychology, including Dr. Gary Kay, developer of the CogScreen™.

                                           Judy Tindall, Ph.D. Consults/Trains in                                            South Korea Peer Counseling Program
                                           Judith A. Tindall, Ph.D., Licensed                                            Psychologist, National Association of Peer                                            Program Professionals Trainer/Consultant                                            and Psychological Network, Inc., recently                                            returned from A December 2013 trip to South Korea, where she conducted training for 150 S. Korean adults involved in peer counseling; met with officials regarding peer counseling in the U. S. and South Korea; keynoted a Peer Counseling conference of 500 youth and keynoted the Korean Counseling Psychology Association.  Read more...

NAPPP represented at the "Global Youth Traffic Safety Month" by President Dr. Judy Tindall, May 8, 2013

Melissa Kinser, Psy.D. attended the Aviation Neuropsychology conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on March 8-9. 
Sponsored by CogScreen™ and led by national experts in the field of aviation neuropsychology, this conference brought together an international group of psychologists working in this highly specialized area. Dr. Kinser was able to tour the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute – a highlight of the conference.

Melissa Kinser, Psy.D. had the opportunity to present to the monthly meeting of the National Human Resources Association (NHRA) on February 28, 2013. Her presentation, “Stress Management for the Human Resource Professional” outlined optimal ways to rest the parts of the brain most impacted by stress and to feel more refreshed and energetic.

Psychological Network offers AVIATION SERVICES for our clients. When the FAA refers a pilot for psychological testing, several types of assessment are used to address the issues at hand. 

Lori Tagger, Ph.D. from Psychological Network, talks about "BACK TO SCHOOL - BACK TO BULLYING" for St. Anthony's Medical Center.

Launching a New Approach to Organizational Advancement from Psychological Network! Dr. Linda Sharpe-Taylor is pleased to announce a new innovative offering to business and organizations.

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